KALT has designed innovative training workshops / trainings that incorporate our best practices for making training engaging and compelling. We specialize in helping you to achieve the best training solutions for your business. Whether your organization’s goal is to build strong leadership skills, create self-empowered individuals, increase initiative in problem solving, or teach employees how to collaborate and communicate more effectively, KALT has a program to address your needs and create lasting change.


Providing customized training and development services to employees of different companies, for several levels and specific areas.

Most covered areas

  • Sales Management

  • Communication and Presentation Skills

  • Project Management

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Quality Management

  • Supervisory skills

  • Human Resources Series

  • Customer Service

  • Office Management

  • IT Management

Your benefits

  • Trained employees

  • Customized training solutions

  • Interactive trainings

  • Effectively work processes

  • Follow up

Moreover our workshops and trainings cover areas as Strategic Business Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, e-Business and e-Commerce, Leadership, Business Writing, and so on …Our highly skilled trainers are also practitioners who work in today’s competitive and challenging business world. This Real-World experience gives them an intimate understanding of the issues and challenges you face every day.

All trainings and workshops are customized to each client and for different levels of employees and knowledge’s. All training sessions are always customized to your specific staff needs and highly interactive.

Overseas Education

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