As we’ve been in the telecom and media business from the start, you can benefit from our solid know-how and in-depth understanding of emerging opportunities. With knowledge and passion our team of more than 6,000 telecom and media experts is dedicated to help you deliver and manage innovative solutions and customer services.

Chipset vendors

Semiconductor business is characterized by having a double time-to-market challenge: innovating new technologies and own products as well as helping customers successfully launch new products at the right time. Thereby the customers of silicon vendors expect technology and products with ever higher level of off-the-shelve functionality, integrating both for HW and SW, in order to improve their time to market and keep R&D spent at bay.

Mobile devices & consumer electronics

In today’s connected world, consumers are demanding superior devices that are connected to each other and services that run seamlessly across different devices and platforms.

Network equipment providers

With one stable business driven interface close to our customers and our Global Delivery Model we can support you in every step of your product life cycle, to improve your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Telecom operators

Today the telecom business is being challenged by new entrants. Can you measure up to this? Of course you can, since being successful is a matter of being able to put the right services on the market and having the right friends to make it work. Now, this is easier than ever before.

  • Application and operations management

  • B2C and B2B services

  • Business intelligence

  • Customer interaction

  • Digital media solutions

  • Network & infrastructure management

  • Revenue management

  • Service management

  • Service quality management

  • Signaling solutions

  • Testing as a service

Overseas Education

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