The TIBCO platform is unique in its ability to seek, understand, and respond to real-time events. This provides comprehensive visibility into trends and opportunities, as well as the intelligence and agility to recognize and instantly react to key events – capturing opportunities and averting risks within ever-shortening time frames.

Automation of your systems, data, processes, business rules, and people is at the core of the TIBCO platform, creating an environment that allows real-time information to flow freely across your enterprise. With a foundation of automation, TIBCO's processing then correlates all of the events happening throughout your ecosystem – seeking out and identifying the most meaningful events and immediately taking intelligent action.

TIBCO's visual analytics give you the tools to understand big data, enabling you to clearly see what's going on throughout your organization and optimize operations. As requirements change, TIBCO's cloud technologies provide elastic computing to meet fluctuating demands with an efficiency that changes the cost structure of your IT, so you can do more with less.


Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Our SOA solutions help organizations migrate to an infrastructure composed of services that can be assembled, orchestrated, and re-used. What’s unique about TIBCO's approach to SOA is that it’s platform agnostic. Service virtualization abstracts the complexity of heterogeneous application platforms, and our bus-based architecture extends the high performance and scalability equally across the distributed enterprise. Enterprise-scale SOA comes together when you create services from new business logic and wrap existing legacy assets to expose them as services. A challenge in many large enterprises, integrating legacy assets is a core competency of TIBCO.

TIBCO SOA Product Categories

  • Business Integration: Builds a common framework for integrating incompatible and distributed systems to tie together applications and web services.

  • Composite Applications: Provide a common service model to combine multiple existing functions or components to assemble new applications.

  • SOA Governance: Enables administration and enforcement of runtime policies for services and provides operational monitoring and management of services to ensure service levels are met through dynamic provisioning and de-provisioning of additional services.

  • Mainframe Integration: Exposes mainframe assets as reusable services that can be assembled into new composite applications and integrated with the rest of the enterprise.

  • Messaging: Manages the real-time flow of event-driven information across networks.

  • Multi-Enterprise Connectivity: Manages the secure execution of transactions outside of the firewall and over the internet.

Business Process Management

Business processes define how an enterprise operates and differentiates itself. Increased globalization, greater competition, and stricter regulation drive the need to optimize processes to achieve operational excellence. Competitive advantage lies in the ability to adapt business processes to changing conditions quickly and efficiently.

Even in organizations where applications are connected and data flows in real time, functional silos can obstruct transparency from end-to-end processes, leaving work uncoordinated and unaccountable. TIBCO BPM changes that. Designed to help organizations better coordinate the process flows that determine how their assets work together, it enables enterprises to control work comprehensively: refine it, accelerate it, manage and measure it. The imperative: to drive efficiencies up and operating costs down, while balancing automation with the work of people.

Product Categories

  • BPM in the Cloud: Reduces the barrier to adopting BPM so enterprises can scale up their BPM initiatives on demand while minimizing the IT expenditure.

  • BPM in the Enterprise: Enables enterprises to automate, manage, and optimize their processes to maximize operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Process Modeling: Enables business experts to directly model and manage their business process assets providing explicit understanding and documentation.

  • Simple Applications and Workflows: Allows business users to create tactical applications such as forms and surveys in minutes eliminating the inefficient ad hoc mechanisms they use today or burdening IT.

Business Optimization

TIBCO's business optimization software consumes streams of data and events and converts them into actionable information and decision patterns that are discernable and contextual. Through the use of sophisticated business rules to correlate discrete events, patterns that would normally go unnoticed help identify and automate the evaluation of opportunities and threats, option response business actions and processes, and engage decision makers as required. Because business management cannot be in all places at once, TIBCO’s business optimization software incorporates a complex event processing platform that effectively encodes decision management insights, which scales best practices across the enterprise. Unique in its capacity to store events, correlate them, and trigger actions in response to patterns it discerns, our CEP platform brings real-time operational intelligence to business activities in flight.

Product Categories

  • Analytics & Visualization: The TIBCO Spotfire® Enterprise Analytics platform offers a next generation, radically faster business intelligence experience and is far more adaptable to specific industry and business challenges.

  • Complex Event Processing: Aggregates granular information from distributed systems in real time and applies rules to discern patterns and trends that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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