Retail and Wholesale

How do you ensure commercial success in a world where the consumer is the king? How do you meet your customers’ needs via multiple channels? And how do you integrate multichannel services seamlessly into your core business solutions?

We help you use information-based innovation to improve your retail and wholesale business processes and supply chain. You will be able to take basic data and turn it into valuable insights that not only boost your efficiency but also drive new business.

Retail and wholesale ERP

  • Agile, efficient and transparent – the words you would like to use to describe your supply chain operations. Our aim is to enable you to achieve that goal.

  • Your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution functions as the control unit of your business. If you harness its power correctly, with the right integration services and business intelligence, you can use it to boost you business competitiveness.

Further optimization of core processes

A smoothly running ERP solution can be further enhanced. Optimize your core retail or wholesale core business processes

  • Assortment management

  • Demand management

  • Master data management

  • Warehouse management

Core business optimization

Being able to run your core business processes reliably is key to success. We work at the heart of retail and wholesale businesses tackling the challenges of everyday operations such as assortment planning; demand forecasting, warehouse management and replenishment.

Multichannel retail

This is the era of the digital native and they expect a quick, easy and convenient service experience across all channels. How to attract these savvy consumers via online, mobile and traditional shopping channels.

Business consulting

ICT offers many ways to improve your business. Do you want to benefit from retail and wholesale best practices? Our experienced business consultants help you to develop your core business processes to get the best out of your ICT investments.

Retail industry consulting services

  • Multichannel retailing

  • New payment methods – such as non-contact payments

  • Master data management

  • Product information management

  • Customer information management

  • Forecasting and replenishment

  • Assortment planning and management

  • Supply chain management

  • Business intelligence

  • Business process evaluation and development

In addition, we can help you in business transformation management.

KALT’s business and technology consultants are here to help you in solution evaluations, sustainability strategies, ICT security, and ICT architecture issues.

Overseas Education

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