Pegasystems is the recognized industry leader in business process management (BPM) and a leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Pega help some of the world’s largest companies achieve new levels of agility, enhance customer loyalty, generate new business and improve productivity. Pega patented technology enables organizations to realize rapid and significant business returns by directly capturing business objectives into fully automated processes and eliminating manual programming. Pegasystems enables clients to quickly adapt to changing business conditions in order to outperform the competition.


Drive Agility into Every Corner of Your Business

Businesses are driven by the need to change – rapidly introduce new products and open new markets, quickly meet customer demands, overcome competitive offers and comply with the ever-growing number of regulations. These pressures demand that the heart of every organization – its business processes – must be able to respond with agility.

Pegasystems' flagship product, Pega BPM, puts change in the hands of business people, making it easy for organizations to handle the growing stream of new business initiatives while fostering continuous improvement. Only Pega's Business Process Management solutions enables business people to quickly and easily capture their business goals as models that can be instantly turned into intelligent, automated processes. No software development, no wait for IT resources — Pega BPM automatically builds and executes all of the software needed to deliver fully functional processes and applications.

It’s no wonder that some of the world’s largest, most innovative organizations trust Pega solutions on the cloud or on-premise to help them achieve new levels of agility, become more competitive and innovate at the speed of business.


Rapidly Transform Your Customer Experience

The customer experience is critical to improving customer loyalty and gaining greater wallet share. But typical customer relationship management (CRM) systems deliver experiences that are impersonal, rigid and slow, producing only unhappy customers, higher churn and lower revenue.

Pegasystems offers a transformational approach to CRM with products that help you build strong, long-lasting and profitable relationships with your customers. Pega's Customer Process Manager(CPM) is built on our core BPM capabilities, and is also available with industry-specific models, processes and interfaces for financial services, healthcare, and insurance.

Interact with your customers over any channel and across the customer lifecycle with personalized strategies for customer service, retention, cross-selling and up-selling. Automatically guide service representatives through the right process, content and presentation for the specific customer and interaction. Easily configure processes that react directly to your business objectives, enabling instant response to changing customer needs and business strategies, competitive pressures and new policies and regulations. With Pega CRM on thecloud or on-premise, you can deliver the always-exceptional customer experience to drive up customer satisfaction, retention and profitability

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