Enterprise mobility is business critical

Why should all enterprises care about mobilization? Well, imagine a salesman having access to up-to-the-minute prices. That means better deals faster. Or, what if a maintenance technician could download manuals for any equipment in a 10 000 m2 process plant simply by pointing at the task at hand. That means gaining more accuracy and avoiding lots of useless footsteps. Or, imagine healthcare professionals having key codes and prescriptions in their handsets. That means fewer errors and maybe even some saved lives. These are just some examples.

Changing the way of doing business

Enterprise mobility will bring all of us access to business systems and new ways of collaboration regardless of time, place, and device through a number of applications. KALT provides turnkey end-to-end Enterprise Mobility solutions that help you sell more, create customer delight and save costs. With KALT's capability of seamless integration to whole business ecosystem and ubiquitous connectivity, true mobility is happening now.

What to mobilize?

The sky is the limit. The best results are achieved when we find out together the bottlenecks in your business processes and analyze where the mobility improves workflows, cuts costs and provides vital information fast, that is, we re-engineer the processes together.

Have a test drive for enterprise mobility

The best part of KALTĀ“s Enterprise Mobility concept is the flexibility. Start mobilizing with one or a couple of apps for limited user groups and then scale to tens of solutions and thousands of users. In the long-term your whole business will be mobilized and your enterprise app store may consist of CRM, ERP, business intelligence, workflows, collaboration tools and much more.

KALT helps enterprises go mobile

Since the birth of mobile we have been working with the leading mobile device manufacturers, network equipment provides and operators. We have delivered mobile solutions to leading companies in a variety of industries such as financial, retail, healthcare, and energy and forest sectors. And yes, we have the building blocks, experiences and partners needed to make it come true including iOS, Android, Windows phone, tablets, mobile device management, mobile unified communications, middleware, mobile security, desktop virtualization, MEAP, back-end enablement and optimization. But let us start by talking how enterprise mobility can change your business.

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