SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA)

Invent new possibilities with SAP HANA, game-changing in-memory software

SAP HANA is a game-changing, real-time platform for analytics and applications. While simplifying the IT stack, it provides powerful features like: significant processing speed, the ability to handle big data, predictive capabilities and text mining capabilities.

  • Accelerate key business processes with rapid analysis and reporting

  • Invent new business models and processes by leveraging innovative solutions

  • Reduce TCO with less hardware and maintenance Cut through the clutter of unwanted data with the SAP HANA database. This in-memory database can help your applications zero-in on the information they need – without wasting time sifting through irrelevant data. The result? Instant answers to your complex queries – and better decision making across your enterprise.

  • Get lightning-quick results from complex data queries

  • Run multiple queries in parallel – without sacrificing performance

  • Develop intricate, predictive models to meet your business needs

SAP NetWeaver Components & Tools

  • SAP NetWeaver Application Server

  • SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence

  • SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure

  • SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management

  • SAP NetWeaver Mobile

  • SAP NetWeaver Portal

  • SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure

  • SAP NetWeaver Identity Management

Note: SAP, mySAP, SAP NetWeaver are the trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.

SAP Best Practices

SAP Applied Best Practices for Implementation, Roll-Outs, and Analysis for all Business Scenarios.

SAP Best Practices are the collection of pre-packaged, ready-to-use business scenarios for all types of global industries. We use SAP Best Practices and add our own collective best practices-thus helping our customers get it right, the first time and always.

These business scenarios address the core business requirements of the most demanding organizations. Integrated sales, marketing, and service functionality help companies to focus on customer relationships. With SAP Best Practices, you can optimize everything, from managing accounts, contacts and customer activity, to handling of leads, campaigns, and service tickets.

SAP Best Practices can benefit your company with the following:

Save Time

  • Identify only delta requirements not total requirements

  • Complete prototyping in days, not months

  • Avoid reinventing the wheel - simply activate preconfigured SAP Best Practices scenarios for common configuration options

  • Quickly create platforms for partners evaluation, joint development, and own development

Accelerate Knowledge Transfer

  • Ramp up staff with a live prototype

  • Create demo systems and scripts to review scenario processes

  • Leverage end user training materials included in SAP Best Practices

  • Communicate effectively among project team members and executives

Improve Project Predictability

  • Start with proven world-class best business practices 'out of the box'

  • Use a consistent approach focusing on integrated end-to-end business processes

  • Limit hands-on configuration

  • Blueprint with ease


SAP understands that the only industry that matters to you is your industry. That's why there's no such thing as a generic industry solution from SAP. Our solution sets are based on an in-depth knowledge of the processes that drive your business. So you can make better, more informed strategic decisions in the areas most important to you -- whether you want to gain greater visibility across your enterprise, get closer to your customers, or reduce inefficiencies. And since SAP has been working with businesses like yours for 30 years, we understand the demands of your industry.

Industry-Specific Solutions
  • Aerospace & Defense

  • Automotive

  • Banking

  • Chemicals

  • Consumer Products

  • Defense & Security

  • Engineering, Construction & Operations

  • Healthcare

  • High Tech

  • Higher Education & Research

  • Industrial Machinery & Components

  • Insurance

  • Life Sciences

  • Logistics Service Providers
  • Media

  • Mill Products

  • Mining

  • Oil & Gas

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Postal Services

  • Professional Services

  • Public Sector

  • Railways

  • Retail

  • Telecommunications

  • Utilities

  • Wholesale Distribution

Overseas Education

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