Wood supply planning starts from the needs of your mill. To optimize the full supply chain for your forestry and wood supply, you need to cover all aspects from forestry and purchasing, to harvesting, storage, transport and mill reception as well as management of the wood yard logistics and information management.

Efficient management of your wood raw material is a key factor in competing in the forest business. In today's world, on-line information about inventory to be able to optimize inventory levels is a must. Streamlined processes and optimal work flows help you to reduce manual work and reduce working capital.

KALT has worked with the leading forest companies for years, and knows the challenges in wood supply. With our solutions, you will be able to react quicker to changing business requirements and minimize the risk of shortage.

Manage and optimize your wood supply

  • More efficient raw material utilization and production processes by optimizing the turnover rate of the fiber

  • Streamline the traceability of raw material and quality control at the factory

  • Keep wood stock to a minimum

  • Trace the origin of wood

  • Optimize trucking and minimize trucking costs

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