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Full spectrum of Banking and Financial Services

KALT has delivered innovative technology solutions to some of the world's leading banks and financial services firms. KALT's banking and financial services professionals provide in-depth knowledge of the technology required to give our clients the competitive edge.

Through solutions that deliver superior financial management, KALT enables you to manage your finances and take full advantage of the wealth of information in your financial system. With instant access to accurate, up-to-the-minute financial information, you are equipped to make knowledgeable operational and strategic decisions at a moment's notice.

KALT provides cost-effective services such as application development, application support, product customization and implementation, migration services, and business process sourcing from onsite, offshore, or a proven onsite/offshore model.

KALT has delivered customized solutions in key areas such as wholesale banking, retail banking, treasury management, customer information systems, trade finance, and check processing.

Solutions offered by KALT include:

  • Architecture development and design

  • Product enhancements & development services

  • Product implementation methodologies

  • IT strategy consulting

  • Application maintenance and support

  • Business process re-engineering

  • Onsite/offshore /offsite consulting services

  • Security consultancy and audit

  • Application integration services

  • Portal development

  • Content management solution

  • Systems integration services

  • Business Intelligence - Decision support systems

Making money flow 24/7

Whether you’re a bank, a financial institution or a large corporation, your customers want access to banking services at a time – and via a channel – that suits them.

Our comprehensive range of payments, cards, cash management, core banking and digital services solutions mean you can continue to put your customers at the centre of your business and ensure your services are competitive, cost-effective and – most importantly – customer friendly

The most commonly asked questions are these:

  • Am I ready to retire, mentally and financially?

  • Do I really need help, or would I just rather do this myself?

  • If I want help, how do I select the right advisor who can really help me?

  • When I retire, how will this all work?

  • What does the IRS really have to say about all of this, and how does that fit in with my KaltMobil retirement plans?

  • Can I get there from here?

We will be happy to address these and any other questions you may have. …..Just give us a call or email.

KALT has provided an efficient, flexible and cost-effective solution. We have found a true partner for our IT needs."

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