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EMC - Documentum partner company provides Documentum enabled Solutions and Services (DeSS) around its Content Management, Document Management and Content Digitization products. KALT offers end to end business solutions right from requirements definition to the final roll-out. KALT provides Documentum based OOB as well as custom tailored solutions and services specific to your enterprise needs. Leveraging our deep technical and industry expertise we ensure that we provide our customers low cost, good quality, robust and scalable solution.

KALT has a focused Documentum Practice which makes sure that every project gets the right focus and right people at the right time. KALT- Documentum Center of Excellence (DCoE) is a concept that helps us execute projects with a promise of high quality, low cost solutions and services; benefiting customer with a good ROI. DCoE has a dedicated pool of specialized resources that possess strong experience in Content Management technologies and various industry verticals; thereby enabling us to provide the best possible solutionThe three fundamental elements of EMC Documentum architecture are the EMC Documentum content repository, content services, and content applications.

Content Repository – EMC Documentum provides a universal repository capable of storing and managing all content types including documents, scanned images, Web pages, XML, rich media, records, engineering drawings, reports, and many others. Thanks to its unique object-relational architecture , EMC Documentum can store and manage a virtually unlimited number of objects of any type in its repository. This enables organizations to leverage sophisticated architectures and storage systems to account for their performance, geographic distribution, business continuity, globalization, and security requirements. With over a decade of successfully helping the most demanding customers manage their content assets in EMC Documentum repositories, we're confident that we can assist enterprises in any industry to accomplish their goals more efficiently and reliably.

Content Services – The EMC Documentum Content Server comprises the core of all content services provided by EMC Documentum and provides a variety of content services common to all content types. Content services deliver native storage of diverse types of content, access control, versioning, search, workflow, and many other services. Additional content services are provided by Content Server extensions such as Content Intelligence Services , Content Distribution Services , Business Process Services, Trusted Content Services , Media Services , and many others. These add-on products provide capabilities such as content categorization, content distribution, content transformation, and rich media support amongst others.

Content Applications – To access content in the EMC Documentum repository and EMC Documentum content services, content applications leverage the EMC Documentum API . Together with other developer services, the API provides developers with an easy-to-use environment to build or customize content applications they've developed based on the EMC Documentum platform. The EMC Documentum API is used by independent EMC Documentum software vendors, OEMs, system integrators, EMC Documentum customers, and EMC Documentum engineers for applications and clients provided by EMC Documentum.

The EMC Documentum platform has been designed with the enterprise in mind, providing unmatched scalability , business continuity, security, and globalization capabilities. The EMC Documentum platform provides a number of core services shared by content applications for your business needs.

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