The automotive industry is changing. As mobile information and services come to the fore, you need an experienced project partner to help you enhance these business opportunities. A partner like KALT. We provide professional IT and engineering services, flexible development processes and a project and quality management which is certified according to international standards. Profit from our future-oriented ideas and interdisciplinary competencies. With KALT, you're in safe hands.

All-round connectivity in cars

Where the radio was previously the most important connection to the outside world, in future, a much more comprehensive scale of vehicle networking will become standard. The car driver of tomorrow will expect the same level of access, comfort and service in their vehicles that they are used to in their normal daily lives. This applies to telephony, SMS/MMS, e-mail and Internet as well as multimedia applications, route and traffic information, warnings as well as individual services and apps. And above all, they don’t want to do without uncomplicated and secure connectivity to their home computer networks, company intranets or other mobile devices.

KALT offers you:

  • Migration of electronic hardware and software platforms

  • Implementation of intelligent system connectivity and integration

  • Software development and evaluation of architectures for mobile communication systems

  • Comprehensive system solutions – well beyond pure technology

  • Integration of mobile end devices in vehicles

  • Quality of Service – ensuring the quality of digital mobile services

  • Cross-industry expertise in the areas of telecommunication, mobile end devices, IT, automotive and embedded systems

KALT develops long-term IT strategies to support overall business goals for our automotive clients, including manufacturers and suppliers. With our deep understanding of the automotive domain, we are uniquely positioned to increase your company's operational efficiency, profitability, market presence, and to build lasting customer relationships.

The current automotive industry environment involves shifting market forces to the East; OEM & suppliers sourcing from low-cost countries; energy costs skyrocketing, creating uncertainty of product line changes with the emergence of alternative sources; and a greater reliance on partnerships and project ventures, especially in the emerging markets.

Manufacturing firms that want to compete in such an environment need to operate seamlessly across geographic boundaries to take advantage of supply and demand, and to drive product innovation and customer service. With our experience in best-practices based solutions for the automotive industry, we have played a key role in modernizing enterprise operations to global standards.


  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Product Development and Engineering

  • Design Collaboration

  • Customer Service and Service Parts Management

  • OEM Relationship Management

  • Supplier Collaboration

  • Dealer Business Management

  • Vendor Lifecycle Management

  • Enterprise Asset Management


  • Enterprise Information Portal Services

  • Application Development and Maintenance

  • Business Intelligence

  • Rapid Enterprise Architecture Planning

  • Content Management

Need driven real-time applications developed by KALT has delivered customer satisfaction along with online business growth.

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